A Week Unplugged

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We can not believe school is only a week away. We are taking this next week to chill out and have some fun before the rigors of routine hit. We hope you had a great summer. See you in September. L&M

Horseshoe Adventure Park-A Summer Tradition.

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Last year was our inaugural visit to Horseshoe Adventure Park. We had a blast last year and this year was no different. We even brought Funky and Baby Lisa. For Meg and I to enjoy an outing at a busy public amusement-type facility a number of criteria must be met: It can not be too busy. It has ...

20 Questions with Leigh

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Since Leigh came at me out of nowhere last week with her 20 Questions, I thought it was only right to reciprocate. Here we go: What songs are included in the soundtrack of your life? Like a Prayer by Madonna.                                                                                            Somebody by Depeche Mode.                                                                                           Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order.                                                                                 Desire by U2.                                                                                                                             Right Here, Right Now ...

Concert Goer

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I went to my first concert when I as twelve, it was Erasure at Canada's Wonderland. Like all of the concerts I have attended since then, they were never my idea; a friend would have an extra ticket and off I'd go. Actually, there is one artist whose concert I would get the tickets for: Sarah McLachlan. ...

How to Talk to Little Girls

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I read this article last night: How to Talk to Little Girls by Lisa Bloom. I read a similarly themed article a few years ago which changed the way I interact with young girls. It highlighted how often I hear people address a little girl about her outfit, clothing or hair. What made things more interesting is having a daughter ...

A Dry September

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Look at how happy Meg was when she found a couple bottles of her favourite Sangria. The next day Wizz came home with nine more - she better have them done before the month ends. Come September we are going dry for the month. Are you in? We need to recruit more members into our torture ...

20 Questions with Meg

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The stories we tell here stay in one or two lanes;  about our kids or how Meg and I have messed something up for one another. I thought it would be entertaining to put Meg on the spot and have her answer more pointed questions about who she really is. Turns out, she's pretty boring. I picked these ...

Dog readiness checklist

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I spent forty-eight hours watching Hank Marvin while Meg and Wizz went on their "love mash up." I definitely do not want a dog, or any pet for that matter. I was contemplating  the idea  soon after Hank came home, but the love affair is over, it frizzled out.  It may have something to do with the fact ...

8 Ideas for your 8th Anniversary

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This Sunday is my eighth wedding anniversary. The kids are still working on the math. Maybe they don't care. If you recall last year we celebrated our seven year itch with a fantastic amazing race style event. Luckily we did not have to put any thought into it other than finding a babysitter. The Manny and Dayna planned everything. This ...