Dear Husband,

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Sigh. I always seem to preface these letters with some sort of disclaimer. That's not going to happen today. You have probably been wondering what I've been up to? A lot. You wouldn't know because you are a HIMA (Half Ironman Athlete), which means you have an excuse to be "training" all the time. I recall the other day during an ...

Dating Guide for Married Couples

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Wizz and I hit a new dating low this week, much to our chagrin. Dates are not something we do frequently. If you recall, I complained about this last year. That was in July, it's now March. On Tuesday night we had plans to hit the town. At first we thought we would catch a film, but nothing intrigued us. ...

Banana Cake

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I found this recipe for "Crazy Banana Cake" and was intrigued by the fact that you bake the cake at 275 F then put it in the freezer. I had to try it. I love it. Make it. It's disgustingly good.   Now I've sabotaged my week. Shit. Cheers, L

Fashion Friday: LBD Showdown

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That photo is an up close of dress #3. Leigh has three little black dresses to choose from for a wedding this weekend; one still has the tag on and might go back. Give us your thoughts, which dress should she wear? Dress #1 is right up Leigh's alley, giant sequins, a forgiving silhouette and requires ...

I can’t remember I got distracted.

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I forget a lot of things: appointments, what I need at the grocer, why I went upstairs, what day it is, my passwords, there isn't anything I can't forget. I also get distracted, very easily. Imagine being in grade four with a box around your desk because you talk too much and lack focus ,I'm not ...

March Break Science Experiments

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Meg and I were on the Global Morning Show  today, demonstrating some EASY science experiments you can do at home. If we can do them, then you know you can. Here are the four we showcased: The Leak-Proof Bag Flying Tea Bag Ghost Baking Soda Explosion The Egg Walk Watch the clip below, I think toddler level science is where Meg and I should ...

Let’s end restroom inequality. It’s Tampon Tuesday

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I have a new hero, Nancy Kramer, who started Please watch her in action below: If you're in a restroom that has tampons FREELY available tweet #freethetamponsyea. If you're in one and they're not equipped use #freethetamponsnay. Haven't we all had to "roll our own" at one time? Let's stop shaming the tampon and pads for that ...