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Do you remember a few months ago when I told you I started doing Crossfit? Here’s the refresher. Four months later and I am still loving it. I don’t know why people do anything else. A short workout that gets results, it seems so simple to me, supplement it with some beautiful yoga and you are laughing baby and your body is thanking you.

Wizz used to do it a long time ago and I would bag beat him about how much of a loser he was and laugh at some of the stuff he would tell me he was doing. He wanted me to join and talked about these really strenous 4 minute workouts. “Whatever” was my response.  Leigh and I  have now signed up to become instructors. WTF are we doing?

Wizz, this is my formal apology for making fun of you and not listening to you about Crossfit. You were right and I was wrong. Yuck, that tasted like godamn vinegar coming out of my mouth.

So, now my days consist of shuffling my schedule around so I can make a class and watching Youtube videos on how to do muscle ups. It’s lunacy. Leigh and I have actually been caught watching Crossfit videos together, what the hell are we doing? I’m not sure. I just know it takes over. Yes, it is like a cult, you get a taste and can’t stay away. It also helps that our “box”, as they are referred to, totally rocks.

Its gone so far that I now find my kids doing pushups and working on their burpees:

 If they start offering me Kool-aid and asking me to wear a robe in the name of Crossfit……. I may just do it.

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